Sunny Dhillon
20 Dec 2015 21:48

I undertook the Iboga experience in December 2015, having previously undertaken Ayahuasca and San Pedro, as well as two sessions of Kambo during the preceding six months. I was recommended to visit Maria and Henry from the Ayahuasca facilitator, and boy was he onto something! Having been given a very rough ride twice with Ayahuasca, I was nervous about Iboga to say the least. From the very first communication, Maria was super helpful and engaging; this immediately put me somewhat at ease. Having made the trip to Assen, the nerves were still palpable, but both Maria and Henry create a wonderful environment full of love and support. Meeting with Iboga was the single best thing I have ever done in my life, words cannot express my feelings of love and gratitude both for the plant, as well as the wonderful couple that make it so accessible for so many of us. Maria and Henry are truly wonderful people, sharing a wonderful gift from mother nature. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in partaking in an Iboga ceremony!

19 Dec 2015 13:27

I am so grateful to Maria and Henri for giving of themselves to offer this experience in a safe and caring environment. Iboga is a very special plant and it is evident that it has so many healing qualities. This being my first experience I found the medicine challenging to work with. Drifting in and out of consciousness for the duration. Many people achieve visions or insights and some do not. In my naivety I thought I had not been able to ingest enough Iboga to achieve these "higher states". If you come to take this medicine with high expectations then you can be disappointed. It was only after the session had ended that for me the insights and healing was truly evident. I had arrived with bad flu and that had gone. Feeling more real and energized and above all a greater sense of peace, love and compassion which when I realized this is exactly what I wanted. I felt so at home here from the moment I walked in the door until the moment of leaving. I will say this last thing, be patient with the Iboga its beneficial effects you will begin to notice perhaps months later, so patience is very important.

15 Dec 2015 02:39

To all positive feedback about Maria and Henry I can only agree. Thank you for making this experience possible for me!:)
How unique Iboga treats everyone who comes across taking it, I already noticed when I realized I apparently slept most of the night (I can't remember much more), and simply "existed" breathing the day after. Even now most of the times I'm still able to stop my thoughts and simply be. This can be such a relief and wonderful experience, this emptiness fulfilled with nothing but yourself. In a short version what I remember clearly about the trip: very soon after the dizziness had started I started understanding that I am not the body, began to get in contact with my soul or whatever name you want to give it. Then I saw bright light having my eyes closed, which especially became brighter as soon as I gave up control and trusted Iboga that it will give me what I needed. I guess it was this light that swallowed me and brought me to a place everybody goes to (even though most people unconsciously) when sleeping. That gave indescribable energy and love to me, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt like fuelled up and ready to begin this life which was given to me, with this body to express myself, and to never forget- whatever might happen on the outside, your deepest self won't be touched by it. It's an everlasting source of energy.
Sending all of you love, for yourself, everything and everyone around you, and gratitude for simply-being!

23 Nov 2015 20:59

Maria et Henry sauront vous accueillir et vous mettre à l'aise. Tout est fait pour que votre expèrience ou votre detox se passe à merveille. Ils ont une grande connaissance de l'iboga et possèdent de nombreuses clé qui permettent de trouver un équilibre et bien-être physique et psychique. Vraiment de belles ondes positives, une merveilleuse rencontre pour moi et plein d'espoir en l'avenir à présent. Merci milles fois encore. Vous faites partie de ma vie maintenant Maria et Henry. Paix et Amour. ;-)
L'Iboga est le Bois Sacré soyez en sûr!

Maria and Henry will welcome you and put you at ease. Everything is done to make your experience or detox is going wonderfully. They have great knowledge of iboga and have numerous key that find a balance and physical well being and mental . Really nice positive vibes , a wonderful encounter for me and full of hope for the future now . Thank you a thousand times more. You are part of my life now Maria and Henry . Peace and love. ;-)

Iboga is really the sacred wood. Believe Me

07 Nov 2015 10:26

Dear Maria and Henry,

One month after returning from Assen, I found the right moment to write a gratitude letter for the extraordinary week-end that you allowed me to experience.

Maria and Henry are truly from the heart.
Responsible, kind, genuine, sensitive and caring, they took care of everything and created a tender, free and positive atmosphere to all of us- the group that was formed by cool, open minded, multinational people who gathered in order to explore the Iboga plant.

We had an unforgettable time, filled with wonders and lots of laughter. I resume and describe my experience as a concentrate of good energies and there for, with great respect and appreciation, I thank Maria and Henry from my heart for making all of this possible, your work is sacred and you truly deserve all the best possible!

If I’ll feel a "call", I will definitely come back again and in addition-

I give a warm recommendation to anyone contemplating the issue,

- Just Go for it !

Salutations and Huge Thank You !


31 Oct 2015 21:27

It has been about a month since I came to Assen. This was one of the most pleasant weekends I have had. Before I went I scoured almost all of these guestbook entries and should share my own for those interested!

I felt accepted by the group, the love and respect shared between everyone was amazing. Some of the most interesting and nice people I have ever met, I hope I gave you all the respect and time you deserve.

Maria and Henri, thank you both so much. I have been touched by your warmth. Maria thank you for the head massage, your support, all those teas, the mattresses outside, the beet soup, and all the other kindnesses I've forgotten! Henri, I will always treasure the time I had with you, A, and T, around the fire pit. A beautiful experience. Those toasties were perfect. Thanks for all your support and strength Henri.

A special paragraph for the nut mix Maria made. I don't think I will enjoy a nicer nut mix in all my days. Nothing could have made me happier than that nut mix, it was exactly what I needed.

As for the iboga - I do not know what impact iboga has had on my life. Perhaps I am like an ungrateful child blissfully unaware of all their parent's love and efforts. I know it has been working on me, I do feel like I didn't give it a full chance and certainly I fell short on dosage, but I just was not ready for it, the terror I built up inside me was immense. I came in to the experience with fears that I was going to die, entirely, or in part. These fears took hold of me part way through, after some very interesting and psychedelic thoughts and feelings, I was filled with terror that I was being moved out of my body to be replaced by something else. Like with many other experiences I have had, it grew very dark for me, and I was filled with fear, and I longed to be back to normalcy. I feel as though I rejected iboga at this point, nevertheless it had already shown me much. I saw a vision of a group of African girls sorting grain, staring at me, smiling and laughing, it was clear that life could be easy, and that everything else was just distraction and unnecessary, that we had built up a world of pain around us. Perhaps the most valuable and incredible part of the ceremony was a complete out of body experience, I had never felt anything like it, and it was not something I expected iboga to show me. It manifested in several different ways including experiencing consciousness seperate to my body way off to the side, beneath, and high above. Most spectacular though was a routine that I felt over and over, whenever I lifted my eye mask off due to too different a sensation, I would be started back at the beginning of the routine. This routine was like a gyroscope starting off with one plane of movement, slowly developing in to more complex patters of movement, the further I went in to the routine, the more distinct from my body I felt, and invariably it was too much and I tore the mask from my eyes just to make sure that I was okay. This was accompanied by a numbness in my limbs which added to my fear. At times I went very far in to the routine, and at one stage I experienced the most magical feeling where I was moving slowly around a point like a cosmic sized Ferris wheel. At times I felt like I was a planet, and when I truly looked in to the darkness I saw out in to the universe with all the other stars right there. This became part of what I was resisting, and I was worried that if I didn't maintain control I would go through the whole routine, and that this routine was the dance out of living, to a place I could not come back from. Resisting was exhausting, and my grasp on reality grew ever weaker, I think at one point I did give in and decided to let iboga do what it would. At this stage I have no idea what happened, I possibly slept for the night, but Henri told me It didn't look like I was asleep. I suppose Iboga is gentle and steps back when you ask it to, I don't feel like it forced anything on me, and I feel like I am the same consciousness that was there before I ate it. I do not know if I could recommend iboga, certainly it is a powerful experience, not one to be taken lightly, I will need to experience it further before I felt safe recommending it to another.

As someone interested in opiate addiction, one of our fellow bwitis came through the withdrawal in a very good state, none of the usual withdrawal horrors I have heard much about. It was nice to be a witness to that experience for you P, I hope my warmth and love for you was apparent.

Thanks to all in the group, every one of you added value to the weekend. Thanks to Maria. Thanks to Henri. I hope to come again soon, when I am ready, to look at that super iboga bird once more.

Linford Taylor
16 Oct 2015 14:15

This experience was exactly what I needed to put my thoughts in perspective and help me find peace and contentment, I didn't know this going into the experience but coming away from it the sence of calm freedom I had acquired was the most satisfactory thing I have obtained from any kind of soul searching I have ever done, as well as a gained level of peace and perspective I got more than I bargained for as I had three accidents as a child one which left me paralysed for 26 hours that caused me great pain in my back that I had been dealing with for 17 years and also a motorcycle accident that led to reconstructive knee surgery and re-learning to walk both caused me agonising pain on a daily basis and both pains are gone completely since the ceremony and have shown no signs of returning I don't think I should describe my experience as all the people I went through the ceremony with had completely different ones all I can say is take every measure you can to get the most out of it and follow all of Henri and Maria's advise they are both beautiful people and are amazing throughout the entire duration attending to your every need and making you very safe and secure throughout, they have an amazing way of scraping away your ego with nothing but love and compassion and I look forward to seeing them again (which I know I will) I would recommend this treatment to anyone and I am so happy I have done it.

05 Oct 2015 05:02

Hello you beautiful people,

Before I go into the description of my experience with Iboga I would like to express how vital Marie and Henry are in making this journey as safe and alligned with the universe as it possibly could be. It felt like no matter what, you would recieve what is necessary for you at that point in time :) If you are looking for help and guidance through the means of Iboga, I cannot recommend this place highly enough. These guys are highly vigilant and all of your needs are met with love and care. Awesome place.

For me, I felt Iboga to be a purely positive force. Unlike other psycadellics, with Iboga she seems to be helpful in nature. Wherever we explored it was with the intention of growth and healing. It's like being connected to a higher intelligence or perhaps a deeper part within yourself, so we could literally just focus and work things out. It gave me ideas, new perspectives and most of all love. However, no matter what your intentions are, it felt like the best possible action was to feel your body and allow Iboga to lead the way. She is all-knowing!!! So your intentions will naturally arise :) Also she'll bring up things yo totally forgot about.

I would say the most noticable effect on me personally is that I feel grounded, relaxed and not caught up in insignificant chatter. And of course.. the importance of the present moment, it's all there is baby!!

Right now I'm listening to an album we relaxed to the day after the ceremony ;) Very beautiful.

Anyways much love and I send you all blessings.
To anyone reading, you are in the right place!

Peeace x

28 Sep 2015 13:11

Hi All, I am sorry for taking so long to write to you all, but my post-Iboga life has been a big change and I’ve been waiting for a good time to sit down and tell you all how things are going. Iboga’s lesson about living in the moment has let to significant changes in my life, ranging from stopping smoking, drinking heavily, eating unhealthy food, feeling stressed and depressed all the time, and I am now being relaxed and present in conversations with people when before I was off in the clouds thinking about things while they talked. I’ve left my job as a waiter and gone travelling again! I also met a girl and had a very nice romance before I left for travelling - something I had not done for three years. Right now, I’m in the South of France living with a family in a country house in the mountains and helping them with painting and walking the dog in exchange for a bed and home cooked meals. My plan is to spend the next two months in France, before either heading West to Spain or East into Italy, all the while using Couchsurfing, Whoofing and WorkAwaying to go as cheaply as possible. I realised shortly after Iboga that trying to start a business that I didn’t really believe in was not a good idea, and have since realised that my real love in life is writing about life! Writing about what it means to be a human in this strange and complicated world, and how life can be so transformed with a simple refocus on the present moments that we’re in. By some cosmic ‘accident’, I ended up in Arles last week, which turns out to be the place that Van Gogh lived in when he produced some of his best pieces and found himself as an artist. As I sat at 'The Cafe Terrace At Night', I thought about how I too had come to this part of the world in search of my muse, looking for the artist within me. I’ve already written a few short pieces on topics that I actually love writing about - rather than being a waiter which I didn’t really care about; I only cared because I thought it would bring me money! Hopefully some of you may be interested in reading them, so once I get a blog sorted out I’ll email out some links :-) [I posted something to Reddit about Iboga and stretching…yes stretching :-) so if you want to read that (long) post it’s here: ] I am excited about the future, but am not thinking about it much anymore, instead letting each moment that I find myself in be felt as richly as possible and remembering that my breath is the key to returning back to the present, no matter how far I’ve drifted. Thank you all for being a part of the most transformative event in my life, and I hope to see you again soon! If I find myself in your country over the next year it would be great to say hello! If not, I’d still love to hear an update on how things are going for you since the ceremony. Until then, with love and warmth, David

18 Sep 2015 12:02

I gave the experience itself ,2 weeks time ,to really settle,so I could be very close to its realities.
First of all,I would like to offer all my gratitude to Maria and Henry for facilitating the experience.These people are the real-deal when it comes to provide a safe experience.The fisrt word that comes to mind in order to describe them is Empathy.
The group was really nice(Hy guys,was nice to meet everyone of you!)and supportive from different backgrounds but with one porpose -the search and find the internal truths.
Now,the experience! :)
Eventhough I have some experience with psychedelics this is by far the most intense one.Iboga it's not your typical walk in the park and this is mainly because it is not relying on visions but mostly on your own memories.Like....all of them!There is no place to hide and no rock it's left unturned.You will have to watch the good,the bad,the ugly from a different perspective.Funny enough the memories that really matters will be replayed over and over again til you come to a resolution with the problem.In the end,Iboga biggest lesson is letting go.And I do not mean the mental representation of the term,but letting go from all your heart of your inner suffering.Or at least a part of it.Eventhough,The experience it's really taxing for both the mind and the body(walking to the toilet is a real challenge) I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Now,the most important part of the experience ,it's not the experience itself but the way you choose to integrate it afterwards.Try to be gentle with yourself but rest firmly on the path you choose!Personally,even,after two weeks I find myself in a new world where second chances are very real and everything can be corrected.
So,do not be afraid ...take the plunge and come back in a new light!
Blessings to everyone!

29 Aug 2015 09:07

Hi Maria and Henry,

Hope all is well :) Thankyou for providing the opportunity for me and others to be part of this life changing experience,
I feel very fortunate to have experienced Iboga, considering the rarity of such an amazing plant.
You have givin me the seed, now I feel I have the neccessary tools to further grow and help others in this amazing journey of life we all share ;)


02 Aug 2015 04:56

Dear Maria and Henri,
Thank you for enabling I experience the root. I had waited for it for quite som time and been feeling anxious and more. But you made it easy and safe. The whole thing was very professional. I surely recommend this place once one has decided he/she is ready for Iboga.
Wishing you,
Love, health, peace!

I. T.
20 Jul 2015 22:09

My experience with Iboga at the Iboga-experience. (8, 9 and 10th of june 2015).

Before we arrived at the house I was a bit nervous. It was a big step but I felt it was a necessary one as well. All I can say is Maria and Henry did their best to make us feel as comfortable as possible and I felt they succeeded in this.

In the end my experience was different from those of the other people who did it the same time as me. I also expected something entirely different. But in the end I still consider it to be a great experience and very usefull too.

My experience was more physical than mental. In the beginning I saw some images, some were still, others moved, but I wasn't able to put them in any context, so I just let it happen.
Later on in the experience I started to feel sick and eventually had to throw up quite a lot.
The next day I was feeling much better and still saw some images and again I couldn't put them into context. I did try to visualize three of them after the experience because they made an impression on me. Still working on the third.
On the last day and the days after the experience I felt mucht better physically and mentally. It might have to do with the fact that I was hospitalized two times in the months before I entered this experience and the Iboga just wanted to clean up my body of all the stuff that was still inside instead of giving answers to the questions I had (the doctors told me I was all healthy when I went into this experience so please keep this in mind, allways make sure you are healthy enough to do this!).

This all happened about one and a half month ago. I still have the feeling I have profited from this experience. I look different at some of the things going on in my life, I have taken steps I was affraid to take before. In the near future I will start with a course and usually these kind of steps are terrifying to me, but now I feel some tension, yes, but I also look forward to get all of it started!

I have no idea how the future will present itself and how things will work out. This experience was very physical/cleaning for me. Will I need another experience for the answers I was searching for? Maybe. But if that's the case I now know where to go!

20 Jun 2015 12:13

Hi Maria

A couple months on from our experience with yourselves and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and Henry for your sincere hospitality, you are kind people and true spirits and made us feel welcome and at ease from start to finish

Although I didn't get what I was personally looking for (vivid memory recall) I did feel cleansed after the ceremony and it was one hell of a journey! But the transformation in my Brother Sonny has been quite remarkable as he has snapped out of his dark depression and no longer taking his anti depressants which is amazing, he has a glint back in his eye and a bounce in his step that I never thought I would see again. Thank you for helping bring him back to us.

Hope you both are well and feel free to use this on your web or Blog

Much Love

Graeme x

19 Jun 2015 13:33

I have nothing to say about iboga. There is no iboga. There is no me. There are just paterns we hang on. There can be the emptiness of zen. It are all choices. But I would like to write something about. Maria and Henry, these are remarkable good people. O sure all people have limits, no one is perfect. Yet Henry and Maria, are great beings, in there openess, and honesty. And that's perfect! I can not tell you anything about Iboga, go and try, or not. But be sure of one thing. These people, are really nice and honest and open people. That comes as a incredible big gift.. And you who read this, besides that I wish you to have it as good as possible, I wish you a good iboga travel. Greetings, dhyan

27 May 2015 17:51

My experience was over a week ago, and I wanted to wait to give a good assessment. As I write this review of love, my life is still being changed by the Iboga Root. I must first give so much thanks and appreciation to Maria and Henry who made this journey possible. I followed the instructions Maria sent to me, and I would suggest that anyone going through this journey follow these instructions carefully as they make a better experience. I also made sure I let Maria know of my travel plans and how I would arrive in Assen. I stayed at a local hotel and was picked up by Henry on afternoon of the ceremony. Assen is not a difficult city to reach and the train from Amsterdam is a pleasant ride. We arrived at their beautiful house, I must add, I was impressed with the location, the house and the vibe I received in the house. There was a peaceful feeling when going into the house. There is also a peaceful feeling coming from Henry and Maria, they make you feel welcomed. We were told to consider this house our house and they made you feel this way. I knew “some” of my intentions upon arriving at the ceremony, but I must also say that even with the warmth of Maria, Henry and the house. I was still nervous, unsure, and fearful. I had an empty hole of the unknown and what the outcome would be. When everyone arrived, we all sat around and got to know each other and each other’s intentions. I felt better after meeting everyone, and felt like I was not doing this alone. Maria, gave an overview of the Bwiti people, the Iboga root, the future of the root and the forest areas of Gabon. After the meet and greet, we went for a walk and was able to talk more as well as talk about our concerns. Once we returned the ceremony began. We changed our cloths and prepared for the ceremony. We were given our first serving of Iboga Root and each went to our places to begin our journeys. After my second serving, I noticed a difference in my body and mind, I heard the slight buzz and felt a vibration on my skin. I then began to see some visuals; I believe the first thing was some sort of space ship. After the third serving, I began to see more visuals, some were movies like on a small screen. I had to go to the bathroom, and felt that my mind and body were somewhat disconnected as if and I can only describe it as if I was a extension of something else. Henry took me to the bathroom because I could not walk correctly. I was able to go to the bathroom without issue, and returned to my couch. I had more visuals. In the morning, we moved to beds upstairs and this is where the learning began, after another serving, I began to go over things in my life as well as visions. I covered some things with my mother, which was pivotal. I did not know I had this resentment against my mother from incident that happen when I was a teenager. I was shown the issue from her side and UNDERSTOOD why. I saw what I believe to be was past lives, I asked what did I fear and was shown my greatest fear being MYSELF. I wanted to know if I should marry the woman in my life and the Iboga root broke it down so simply that to this day brings tears to my eyes. The Iboga Root is kind, gentle but can also be blatant and crystal honest. One of the things that I kept seeing was lights moving very fast going forward , I also felt I was one of those lights, as during an experiment, I attempted to move with the lights and could see and feel the movement. I'm not sure of what that was, but I felt I was looking at a God thing. There was more in my journey but the things I listed were the most important at this time. My journey ended with more visuals, some with my eyes wide open, as if I saw the world as it really was. Late afternoon we were given a delicious meal, so so so good. Maria and Henry are optimal, host, giving you 5 star treatment. I was able to discuss my issues with Maria and Henry. I cried on Marias shoulder and she gave me nurture and understanding. These people are some of the best people I have ever met. I would advise anyone seeking a Iboga Root journey to look no further than Maria and Henry. On the day of our departure, they made sure everyone had a way home and that we were OK. Now a week after the journey, I have energy, I can truly for the first time in a long time feel love . I love to be around other people. I am more relaxed, I am able to concentrate and focus. I am honest with others and myself. I think things out much better than before. Fear has been diminished, I am not afraid of life, and I welcome experiences. I welcome experiences in this experience. I know what this is. I must add this; I told Maria and Henry that I would not be doing the ceremony again. But after coming home and going over my journey. I realize that my ego inhibited some of my journey. I will have to do another journey in a year or so. I must also be honest, this is not an easy journey, it can be very difficult. But the spirit, our true selves want this, we are able to see who we are, briefly but we have that small opportunity. Thank You Maria and Henry

17 May 2015 19:55

I came to the Netherlands with no choice but to place my fate entirely in the hands of Maria and Henri, and the iboga as I had exhausted all my options and felt this was my last hope. I was cornered in life, years of being on every class of medication known to man had wreaked havoc on my brain chemistry, leaving me with all kinds of symptoms and ailments, from which I didn't know if it was even possible to recover. Well aware of the profound healing power of iboga, I felt optimistic placing all my faith into this plant but at the same time, using this medicine for my particular issues was uncharted territory so I didn't know what would happen. As a chemist by trade with a background in pharmacology, I was aware of the complex and mysterious mechanism of action behind the iboga alkaloids. Even though I'd been off the medications for months beforehand, it was impossible to anticipate how the iboga would interact with my neurochemistry. At the start of the ceremony, we were given "Kabbalah cards" which were to guide us during our journeys. The others in the group all received reassuring and helpful messages from the cards. The card I pulled said "you will receive no guidance from us, you now stand on your own two feet" which I interpreted as a nice way of saying "you're on your own buddy". After ingesting the medicine, Maria said "good journeys" to each of us in a profoundly caring manner which felt like a blessing. With Maria and Henri guiding the ceremony, I could rest assured knowing that whatever happened, I was in good hands. The first half of my journey was relatively pleasant, I felt like a shaman playfully interacting with the spirit world, although I can't remember exactly what I was doing during this half of the journey. About half way through the journey, something magical happened, in my vision I saw a face come out of the darkness, the face cried and I felt an emotion with the cry. About 2 seconds later I heard an actual cry come from one of the other rooms in the house. I'd had a telepathic encounter with someone who I'd later realise to be a truly beautiful and great spirit that would help me immensely in ways I could have never anticipated, someone I consider myself blessed to have encountered. Feeling that telepathic emotion left a permanent imprint on my heart, I can still feel it when I think about it. What made all this more mysterious was that I remembered that I had dreamt about seeing the crying face about a week before the ceremony. All this shattered any doubts I had about the magical nature of reality. The second half of my journey was an intense struggle, this time I was a psychedelic warrior battling for not just my own salvation, but that of all of humanity. I was battling against what I perceived to be a hyperdimensional system of oppression designed to enslave consciousness and inflict suffering on all sentient beings ensnared by it, the stakes were too high to back down at any moment so I gave it everything I had and battled this mighty adversary for the remainder of my journey. I performed fearlessly and inhumanly well, my timing was impeccable but the adversary I was up against was so well prepared, it seemed near impossible to cause any significant damage to it. My goal was to make a large enough dent in this adversary that humanity would feel some bit of relief from suffering, but every attack I made, the adversary was prepared for it so I could only end the bare minimum amount of suffering. At the end of it, I felt like I had failed the objective of ending a noticeable amount of suffering and my efforts were for nothing. This left me feeling deeply defeated on every level and left me in a state of despair and hopelessness. This was one of the darkest moments of my life. I now know that I was actually a facing an insidious belief that had got lodged in my head as a teenager, but at the time it all seemed so real. It seems that iboga causes one to become fully immersed in their fears/negative beliefs as it releases them. The next morning I ventured downstairs and could not keep my suffering to myself so attempted to voice my concerns to Maria, after which she compassionately consoled me which made me regain some hope as I could see that I wasn't alone in my struggles, I had an ally to stand with me. After this I ventured into the living room where some of my fellow psychonauts were sitting, I felt unworthy to be in their presence as I had failed the objective the previous night but then one of the psychonauts, the girl who I encountered in my vision the night before gave me a long, silent hug and this restored more of my hope as it gave me the message that I needn't stand alone, there are other compassionate spirits willing to stand with me. I felt a strong sense of solidarity with her considering she walked into my vision right at the moment before my struggles started. The next two days were some of the most challenging days of my life. I was riddled with paranoia which gradually intensified over time, this paranoia prevented me from sleeping as I believed that if I fell asleep, I would not be waking back up. I desparately needed support in this vulnerable state, which was kindly provided by Henri and some of my fellow explorers. During all of these paranoid moments, I could rely on Henri being there for support which was a huge reassurance for me during this profoundly challenging experience. On the last night, I was so paranoid I believed that I had not only irreversibly destroyed any hope of ever recovering but I had, by failing to adequately prepare myself for the ceremony, ripped open a doorway to hell and that the world as I had previously known it had come to an end. The iboga was making me face my deep seeded childhood fears that had been instilled in me by my deeply religious great auntie who I grew up with (who incidentally appeared in my visions). These were my deepest fears since I was a child, I would not have been brave enough to accept and face them if it weren't for a situation I found myself in as a result of this girl giving me an object, this situation made it so I felt I had no choice but to face the fears head on and this I believe was instrumental for the healing to take place. The next morning, despite still not having slept, everything was different. The paranoia had been transformed into security. The suffering into joy. The despair into hope. I had been reborn. Iboga had wiped the slate clean and given me a second chance at life. The next week was possibly the best week of my life. My emotions which had been dormant/sleeping for about a decade had been reawakened and I was feeling joy that I never knew I was even capable of feeling. In a seemingly miraculous way, I was able to feel emotions which I hadn't been able to feel since I was a kid. The stone that this girl had given me activated this feeling of love, which I hadn't been able to feel since I was a kid. This made a permanent imprint on my consciousness as it changed my perspective of reality, how I could feel that from a stone was something I never thought possible. This freed me from the left brained paradigm I'd been confined to for years. I felt great for the following week, then the glow turned into darkness and I was again in a state of deep suffering. On some of the days I felt a profound sadness which caused me to reevaluate everything. I was forced to redirect all my attention towards spiritual matters. I found an audio book by Eckhart Tolle which a Buddhist monk had told me to listen to a year earlier. When I listened to it a year before, it did nothing for me, I could only interpret it on a mental level. This time something was different, I could easily understand the words on a deeper level and listening to the tracks, even if I wasn't paying attention to what was being said put me into a deep, tranquil state of peace and inner silence. Its as if the iboga had made me receptive to these spiritual teachings. The sadness was instantly transformed into joy. This joy is now with me every moment. I have refound my purpose in life. The iboga broke me out of the left brain paradigm I had been locked into for years. I left my suffering behind in that left brain prison of the mind, and found a limitless source of joy in this new spiritual paradigm. All in all, it was one of the most epic journeys of my life which. I have been exploring unusual states of consciousness my whole life and I had never experienced anything quite like iboga. In retrospect, it was quite magical how events unfolded in just the right manner to enable the healing and transformation to occur. I'm infinitely grateful for Maria and Henri, as well as that great spirit whos presence I have been blessed with and who played a massive role in catalysing these spiritual transformations in me, as well as the great people who journeyed with me, Dominic

02 May 2015 11:30

A very quick catch up. I leave for America tomorrow for a 6 week experience. I am feeling very good about myself still. I do not drink anything that may knock me from my harmonious balance any more. I do not drink caffiene unless it is really needed… a late night drive, an evening as the sober driver with drunk friends… that is it for the coffee… no tea, only fruit tea. I eat three meals a day, rather than starving and eating lots of chocolate. I eat as little sugar in its nasty form as I can possibly manage. I have a lovely voice in my head and the nasty voice is often changed immediately by the silly billy voice that has stayed with me. I do not feel like i am missing out on any of those things. I am the most balanced I have ever been. I realise that I am a very sensitive person and all those things kept me out of balance and harmony. I went to a party and had a teaspoon of guarana, some herbalist potion (5 drops) and two very small mushrooms. This was so much kinder to me than my previous party mixes. I did not enjoy the people who were truly chemical bound…I liked being able to be clear and I did not like the miscommunication that they all did with out even being aware.

So thanks again. I will keep you updated.
with much love and light, Sharna Rose

01 May 2015 14:59

It was like being with mam and dad and all your sisters and brothers on a big holiday in a cozy and spotless house... But you catch a slight cold and they are good with you and take care of you in the kindest and lovable way. All the "kids" are anxiously expecting the onset of the holiday's mystery. The "children" sometimes break something, piss the toilet everywhere and vomit not always in the right place... But in no time, with a kind word, the previous harmony is restored by our "parents" - Maria and Henri. And again everything begins to shine in spotlessness...

In that garden of dreams something unforgettable happened...

I did not find the root of my sufferings which almost ruined my whole life. But perhaps I was close... I saw myself like seeing yourself in the mirror. My other self began talking to me something very fast but there was no sound, I was hearing absolutely nothing! If I had taken the full dose of Iboga, maybe I would hear the talking and understood the reasons of my problems... But I didn't take the full dose (don't ask me why!) and now I cannot forgive myself for this stupid thing of mine!!! I could see through the blindfold the movement of my hand and more strikingly: I felt it, I new where my hand was in the space! Also I had sort of slight penetrations to the roots of patterns of my behavior like never before. As soon as possible I'll do the Iboga ceremony with you again... Thank you Maria and Henri!

On Saturday morning (the ceremony began on Friday evening) one of the "kid", a girl, said to me: "I saw you in my dreams!" and hugged me warmly. The evening we were sitting on the couch and suddenly she took my hand... Her presence and her touches were awakening a huge pleasure in my body and my soul which merged together like never before... All my life I have been tortured of a constant feeling of shame. Always the shame stops me and poisons my joy and smashes my pleasure. And for the first time in my life, in the hands of that girl, the shame was almost gone! Within seconds my shame was melting away by her powerful shine. I asked her to tell me something in her mother tongue. While holding my hands she began to talk. I didn't understand anything of her words. But I did understand everything of its melody. I was embraced by warmth and love... As if for the first time my shame shackles were broken, as if the bars of my prison had vanished. How I wish I could stop that moment and stay there forever! Suddenly she kissed me on the cheek, got up and left. Such a pure bliss without the smashing poison of shame! Soon she came back. "Can I put my head here?" - she said pointing to my lap. I answered: "Yes!". And she began to do it... At that very moment a strong English dialect voice came from the other part of the room: "Stop immediately what you're doing right now!". And the girl immediately stopped what she has been doing and... run away from me! Thereafter she avoided me as if I was the devil... And the shame smashed me again! That strong dialect voice had probably vocalized and reinforced her inner conflict and fears, but what a fate - at that very moment!

Were we all dreaming back then? But what is life itself? The biggest dream maybe...

The next two days I was in Amsterdam. It was the biggest holiday in the Netherlands. Orange sea of people. Laughing, shouting, loud music. And in that wonderful city I felt such a terrible loneliness like never before...

When I have arrived in my country, on the bus, the first words I heard in the song on the radio were: "I can't live without your hands..."

My girl of empathy, after you left, the wet of your lips remained for a moment on my face and disappeared forever. But the wet of your lips in my soul will remain eternally...


29 Apr 2015 11:20

My Iboga experience
The Netherlands
This is written as a note and reminder to myself, as a review and thank you and forever
lasting gratitude for Maria and Henry for their efforts and to pass it on to the people I’d like
to share my journey with as it is impossible to describe everything in a conversation with
so much detail.


Henry was waiting for a bunch of the group at the train station and transported us back to
the farm. At the house we met the other half of the group who arrived earlier in the day.

Introduced ourselves, had a cup of tea and soon after went for a walk with Maria while
Henry prepared the room for the ceremony.
Pre interviews and briefing
After returning we chatted a bit, everyone shared the reason why they came, what they
wanted out of the weekend. It was weird being among people whom the only thing I knew,
apart from their names, was their deepest problems and darkest faces. Not sure what
impression they had about me, I thought some were really deep down on themselves.
Maria and Henry then gave us the details about how the ceremony is going down and we begun.

Personal preparation and goals

I stayed away from reading personal experiences so they won't influence me but I
researched a lot about what results I can expect. So even though I had no expectations
about what it is going to be like, I had great anticipations about what I want to gain from
doing this.
I signed up because I wanted answers for 5 questions about what course I should take in

Ceremony preparation
Some religious cleansing and an explanation about the Bwiti religion. I was excited to start
the journey.
Details on Maria’s website (

My journey
...was phenomenal. I had the best time of my life, had so much fun playing around that I
don't think I'm going to be able to describe everything and in full detail here.

It started with a comforting body sensation and awareness. Soon after two weird faces
started slowly approaching and coming at me to disappear right before it touched my
nose. I was thinking what a f%”£ at first then after a few appearances I thought ‘OK, this is
what I wanted so bring it on, show me what you have’. I knew that this is going to be a
Q&A type of thing so I started asking some simple questions and throwing up some
issues. then I gave an answer I thought was right. If the answer was wrong, a face with
missing lips with some bone showing here and there appeared and closed in on me while
if the answer was right a friendlier hypnotic looking face showed up. The skull face
disappeared shortly after never to be seen again. The friendlier face was like it was drawn
by a fine deep purple pen it consisted of horizontal lines and the eyes were a bunch of
expanding circles giving it the hypnotic look.
Then I remembered listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast a few weeks earlier where he
described a google search like ‘interface’. I tried to imagine that but didn’t work.
To my luck because what I got was waaaaaay better.

I got a very nice deep purple background with some very short and thin horizontal lines
mostly in blue and a screen in the middle. looked really cool. I thought of an issue and a
powerpoint like slide showed up on the screen with the issue in the header and a voice
read it out to me. Then I thought of the answer and then it disappeared. If I couldn’t think
of an answer the picture faded and my mind went blank. I got a bit worried about what if
the answer was wrong or what happens to the questions I didn’t answer but they
automatically appeared again after a while.

When I got to the more interesting and difficult questions like personality traits which
consisted of a lot of details I was presented with a design table.

It was the design table of my life.
I could spin everything on the table around in 3D, look at it from any perspective, zoom in
and out and when I decided that it was good I pulled it off the table to the top or right.
If I thought it was wrong I pulled it off downwards or left. This evolved later to just saying
good/okay/bad/wrong and pull it off the table.

Then my first personality trait came up I partially liked and consisted of smaller parts I liked
and disliked. This is where it got truly amazing as I could reach in and remove the bits not
liked or replace them with something I wanted or even just add something then say OK
and pull it off the table. Or just erase everything and rebuild from scratch.
If something was not right It came up again later. Also I could just say not now and go on
the next one.

There were a few things coming up dozens of times which I pulled off to discard before I
was convinced that this is what I wanted. Sometimes I had to zoom out and make the
image tiny and so less important and discard it that way.

I went through what it felt like millions questions and stuff through my journey.
Had some questions about how the universe looks like which brought up a google like
map which I could spin around and zoom with amazing speed and detail. Unfortunately
there were no technical details when I ‘clicked’ on a planet and wanted to see names or
other information about it. The map looked very similar to the one in my head but still

Also asked questions about stuff I had no idea about. Like how to do brain or heart
surgery. They remained unanswered, just a blank page on the table. This is where I
realised that there is probably no extraterrestrial intelligence involved here, as some claim,
but it is about linking to the subconscious. Might be totally wrong on this one though.

At some point when I was looking for the happiest time of my life a picture of me came up
me washing my teeth standing on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror grinning all foamy,
my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. Also met my childhood 2 or 3 year old very cute
cartoony version of me and we had so much fun together during the night.

It was exhausting thinking so much, so whenever I got tired of the questions I said
PLAYTIME and a little banner with PLAYTIME flashing floated from top to bottom.
Whenever I did that I found myself passing ball with the two year old for a minute or so, or
just walk around on a green field with white background holding each others hand. The
goofy kicks and barely able to walk made me laugh every time. It reminded me of Winnie
the Pooh and Piglet showed from behind walking away in the sunset while Winnie walked
real slow and Piglet couldn’t keep up no matter how hard he tried.

After a while the good answers were followed by some cheering voices with a picture of a
cartoony theme park as background and this little wheely thing in front of me. My thumbs
on the wheel I could spin the it to launch a little colourful ticket stub from the wheel to the
air and see it launching to the sky. I could just shoot one tub to the air or spin the wheel
real fast and disperse hundreds of stubs and they were flying everywhere looking like
fireworks if I felt I deserved it after a tough question.

Repeating I'm the strongest and coolest person on the planet throughout definitely helped
me boost my confidence level in certain areas.
Also used the word CONFIDENT a lot and whenever something came up which I believed
can’t be done. I used the phrase ‘ TRUST THE PROCESS!’’ to reaffirm that Iboga works
even though I don’t believe that it does for the particular case or whenever I noticed that I
lose confidence in something which I thought was already dealt with.
Recalling situations from my past where I felt I didn’t behave like I should have and
replaying them the way I wanted them to happen was also epic.

Visuals, audio, body awareness
My time perception was gone. I had no idea how much time I spent on a question or how
much time passed. I only checked my watch when the dosages came and was surprised
when I took the blindfold off and it was morning again, time for the last dose.
The blindfolds were to block out lights and help visuals. I used them a lot as it really
enhanced the experience being in complete darkness. It was funny that most of the time I
could see through the blindfold seeing patterns and certain parts of the room in that great
deep purple or white color. Every time I put my hand up in front of me I could see them for
like 5 seconds then they faded away slowly but until it was there, bending fingers or
moving the hand around reflected on the image I saw. Also when I said AURA I saw the
same pattern in light fluorescent blue on and around the hands.

I never thought my mother tongue can be so cool sounding. I think English has nicer
sounds, flow, rhythm and intonation. I switched back and forth automatically depending on
subject and other things during the night but I noticed that I tried to use Hungarian more
often because the words just sounded so good in my head like never before.

I was listening to music almost all the way thorough as I found that outside noises broke
the flow. Luckily I found an album (MIKTEK Elsewhere)
in the first 10 mins into the trip
and set it to loop for the rest of the time. Was fantastic and gave a great rhythm and paced
everything ideally for me. Also blocked out the puking noises which was a big plus and
probably contributed to me not vomiting.

There was a strong body awareness throughout. It felt very cosy, warm and embracing the
whole body, very pleasant overall feeling. Every time I moved the embracing feeling broke
and got reestablished in about ten seconds.
Not sure what it was, when I tried to touch my palms as they got about 15 cm from each
other it took noticeably more effort to hold them together.

Bathroom breaks, moving around
Going to the toilet was a different adventure in itself. My balance was completely off,
barely could stand, moving around made me nauseous.
I was lucky as I did not throw up and had no nausea for the first part of the trip. Others
were not so much. Or maybe they were because the last part I was feeling more and more
sick and couldn’t throw up even though I wanted to.
Aiming to the toilet was a challenge as everything was in constant motion with the eyes
open. Once I saw that everything was just soaked. Floor, seat everything. As I was
checking where to step not to get my socks wet the stuff moved around and was gritty and
a bit funny colored then I realised I was hallucinating the gooey liquid everywhere.

The floor to me felt like it is covered in multiple layers of bubble wrap in about 15
centimeters thick and at every step the bubbles under my feet were popping as I tried to
put my weight on my feet, unable to find a level surface to step on. Was a bit funny at first
and very annoying later.

In a way I felt a bit out of place because everyone had a hard time and went through a lot
of distress going up and down the roller coaster and for me, I got so much joy, pleasure
and fun out of it. The times I cried were out of overwhelming joy and emotions and lasted
for like ten seconds and then was smiling again.
During the first part of recovery I was just smiling, thinking and watching everything and
mostly everyone around me with big eyes for long periods of time. I felt intruding at times
because I saw some getting uncomfortable with the unwanted attention while they were
going through a rough patch or just wanted to chill a bit. Especially that I was in no mood
to talk just wanted to observe with my earphones on.
Later in the afternoon we shared our experience and what we achieved.

It was good to see how everyone was in a much better place.

Results and Insights

It feels like my body was taken apart cell by cell and put it back together, that it got better
and more integrated. I feel that i improved and got better as a person, got stronger, more
focused, balanced and most importantly more at peace with who I am. I became more
patient and tolerant to myself and others.

About my five questions; I got vague answers for two of them and none for three. Not what
I was aiming for however I got so much out of it and solved something fundamental that
was much more important.

I have had a feeling of having a void that a part of me was missing from my body all my
life. Like I was never enough. This hole in my chest was the container of all my “issues”. It
was purged and filled with iboga and it is now cemented and hoping to stay like that

I’ve changed a lot in these few days and have better understanding of myself and what I
want. I will find my answers and make the right decisions for myself.
There is a lot more texture and detail to everything. Things look fuller, brighter, more vivid.
I breath more easily and my mind is sharper than before.
Everything feels good as is however still very motivated to make them even better which is
a relief because I was always afraid and probably resisted to accept things as they are
because why would I wanted to ever change them.
I met and spent time with some very nice people over the weekend and hope to see some
of them in the future. Especially Jen who I think I had the best conversation with in a while
during our leaving walk.

I'm really happy I was part of this ceremony and think, signing up and participating was the
best and most important decision of my life so far.

Location, Hosts, Price

The village is small, very quiet, beautiful, clean and just great to walk and to be around.
The house is practically brand new and everything is spotless upon arrival and throughout
no matter how hard we tried to mess it up.
The garden seems like it’s been professionally maintained with thick grass, bushes and
flowers fenced by a high stone wall for privacy, plenty of furniture to sit around, a fireplace
and probably a bunch of other stuff I haven’t noticed.
The price Maria asks for participating is very little compared to the effort and support they
provided for everyone in the group. While we all were tripping for 24+ hours Maria and
Henry were awake on full alert watching out for and taking care of us plus cleaning up the

It was 100% professional, very friendly and being there felt like part of being a family.

Can’t say thank you enough for everything.



Hi Maria,

Thanks for the weekend again.
It was a fantastic experience and it feels like it's still going on.

I feel so different since. Full of energy, even though I'm really tired and can't get much sleep. My mind is so sharp, making plans and have a very positive outlook.

I've decided to take 3 months off during the summer, visit my parents and some old friends back home, do some travelling and will be looking for a new job elsewhere so I don't have to come back here.

So another two of my five questions got answered which I'm really happy about.


31 Mar 2015 09:32

I did Ayahausca 2 months before my Iboga trip, although the former was fantastic it didn't quite overcome the issues i went to work with and a friend suggested expiring Iboga.

After spending quite a lot of time researching potential Iboga retreats from South America to various places in Europe, (especially the Netherlands) this was the only provider that didn't give me a bad feeling, the more you do psychedelics and conscious work, the more you trust your instincts, I had a good feeling about Maria from our communications and I was right to trust them. Iboga is very much a journey you take on your own within yourself, so the practitioner just needs to create a safe and comfortable environment and be there to support and advice you if you get challenged. Maria and Henri do this very well, they've both very warm, kind, loving and generous people who are doing it to help those that need it, not just to make money like it seems many others in this space are and i'm really very glad I took my flight with them.

As you would expect the kind of people that are attracted to this have similar motivations and states of mind, so you very quickly bond with the group too and I've made some great friends I'll keep in touch with.

I went to work with Anxiety and depression, along with the associated negative thoughts pattens and self beliefs which have plagued me for over 30 years. The journey I took was very profound and i got what I needed out of it, along with a few things I wasn't expected thrown in too. The journey can be very intense, physically, mentally and emotionally, but it can also be very enjoyable, at the end I was dissapointed it was over. I won't go into too much detail because this will turn into an Essay, but in short, it showed me many negative thought processes, critical, judgmental inner voices and how they all worked together to keep me miserable. The perspective you get and ability to analyse things is quite incredible, its like you get double your intelligence and wisdom at your disposal. I had many visions and memories shown to me (sometimes over and over), often surprising ones which I felt i was purging and releasing. The big insight was that I didn't need to stop being anxious and depressed, but rather accept them as they're part of me, then find the underlying early childhood experiences that caused them to become dominant. I then found a way to release some of the causal factors.

This was quite challenging near the end and Maria, helped and comforted me, I was so glad to have her around, letting go of things you've held tightly for decades, even from early childhood is difficult and being in a safe environment is absolutely paramount, and I mean emotionally as well as physically safe. I can imagine if I didn't feel safe I probably would have held it back as I have in the past, which would have been a disaster.

Psydelics normally take weeks, even months for the effects to really be realised and integrated, but I actually walked out feeling lighter and less anxious, and now three days on I still feel really good and more optimistic. I still get anxious and negative feelings here and there, but normally they would be there all the time, so even having a break is a big blessing. When they are around, they are much less intense. So I'm really excited to see how things continue to change as the integration process continues. My mind has less negative and critical voices and is generally a quieter and more harmonious place.

It also told me that my Asthma was caused by breathing into my chest instead of my diaphragm and was also contributing to feeling stressed, so I'm looking for some breathing classes to help with this.

Also Iboga is very powerful, when you're in it you're at its mercy, so you have to just relax, trust, accept and allow it to take you where it needs to, even when it gets really tough, this is also a metaphor or what it tries to teach you to apply to your life, to accept and allow, not to fight it, fighting and resistance is what causes the pain and suffering, in your Iboga trip and generally in life.

I really got a lot from the experience, the advice I can give is go with a very clear idea of what you want to achieve, keep your intention short and clear (healing x, letting go of y), and keep repeating that intention through the whole experience, especially when it gets challenging and that will mean you get the absolute most out of the trip. Most of all, I can highly recommend Maria and Henri, you won't regret coming to see them.

Nick, England.

Hope this helps.

Much love,

Nick xx

11 Mar 2015 21:06

Dearest Maria and Henri,

Sweetest angels.
You provided a space which was elegant and comfortable, and filled with good energies which I felt from the moment I stepped in, in order for us to go through a process which is not easy, and deeply healing.
Your care about us was in every detail, including the quality of the Iboga.
I appreciate the gentleness and kindness you showered me with.
Maria - your sensitivity and ability to feel each individual in a simple way, and assist without interfering, is precious.
Henri, you were holding the space, and literally cleaning up after whoever needed that. I wasn't used to this situation, and it meant so much to me.

The "story of my life" came to an end in the ceremony, in the clearest way. All solved.
Even though the night was not easy, the Iboga is so tender, as well as strong, and I felt endless compassion while going through all of it. 100% truth and compassion.
I am free!!! finally, and not me only.

I am thankful to you, and will be forever.

All the love,

20 Feb 2015 20:27

Hello Maria,

I want to thank you and Henri for everything, I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to have this healing experience in your home.

I am still the same person and I can’t say that I feel Ibogaine working inside of me or giving me some sort of special insights, but I did notice some changes and some things that I’m able to do differently, which is having a positive impact in my life.

I just want to let you know briefly:

I haven’t smoked since I had that last cigarette before our ceremony and I don’t want to smoke ever again.

I stopped obsessing so much about food and my weight. I haven’t weighted myself since I came back and I’m just trying to eat good healthy food that I cook myself. I had a lot of obsessive behaviors related to food and even though I knew they were not rational and not in my best self-interest I couldn’t stop obsessing about it. I am able now to make choices by asking myself “What would I do if I loved myself”?

I stopped lying in bed all day long watching series.

I am reading the wonderful book which you gave me, instead of being online or watching movies all the time.

I am socializing more and I’m not hiding like before. I am not ashamed to look people in the eyes and tell them that yes I am currently unemployed and yes I lost my job etc.

I am writing a journal and trying to remember my dreams (this last part without success so far).

I am having a walk every day or planing activities outside.

With much love,


14 Feb 2015 16:46

Dear Maria,

I cant thank you enough for the loving, caring guidance of the journey, which has helped me so far tremendously not having any craving not only to opiates but as well to all drugs, anything that changes my natural state of mind.I am happy, thankful exactly the way I am Right Now. My family which suffered a lot due to my opiate addiction,
I felt the urge to thank them so instead of spending fun time with a very good friend.
I decided to visit them, thanked them for there loving support, there are overwhelmed with the result.
All my family will light a candle for you forever for probably saving my life and many others.

Please do Thank Henry from me for his great loving support, help and the joy I had listening to his wisdom.

Much Love From All My Family And ME.

Yours Christoph

14 Feb 2015 12:17

Dearest Maria and Henri,

Sweetest angels.
You provided a space which was elegant and comfortable, and filled with good energies which I felt from the moment I stepped in, in order for us to go through a process which is not easy, and deeply healing.
Your care about us was in every detail, including the quality of the Iboga.
I appreciate the gentleness and kindness you showered me with.
Maria - your sensitivity and ability to feel each individual in a simple way, and assist without interfering, is precious.
Henri, you were holding the space, and literally cleaning up after whoever needed that. I wasn't used to this situation, and it meant so much to me.

The "story of my life" came to an end in the ceremony, in the clearest way. All solved.
Even though the night was not easy, the Iboga is so tender, as well as strong, and I felt endless compassion while going through all of it. 100% truth and compassion.
I am free!!! finally, and not me only.

I am thankful to you, and will be forever.

All the love,

Andy Welch
18 Nov 2014 15:52

Having had previous encounters with sacred plants such as ayahuasca during my personal search for healing and understanding, my decision to face the ultimate psychedelic challenge was not taken lightly. I had spent many months carefully researching and cross referencing before making my final choice of destination. I wasn’t to be disappointed. Henri met me at the station within minutes of my arrival and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in his company. Upon arrival at the beautiful bungalow, I was immediately struck by the tranquility and peaceful vibes emanating from the area. I was the last to arrive and was warmly greeted by the gentle Maria! Considering all that I had read about the experience on Iboga and how it can be quite brutal in the way it works, any fears I had completely dissolved. In fact, as I reflect upon the experience right now, I realise that I had absolutely no fear what so ever. The environment was perfect; the other explorers were friendly and eager; it couldn’t have been more perfect. For 17 hours after ingesting the compound, I personally had the most profound experiences of my entire life. I since concluded that Iboga is ‘my molecule of choice’. My initial intentions and hopes of what I might gain from this journey were all fulfilled. Henri and Maria were there at every moment during those 2 days; and yet they were also invisible, allowing each of us to have our own space and our own time unless we needed help. It was profound. I don’t feel it would serve any purpose to describe my actual experience here. But suffice it to say, if you are looking for the perfect place to take this most powerful of spiritual medicines, look no further. You’v found it. Thank you both for introducing me to ‘my tool of choice’. My love and respects to Maria and Henri. Andy Welch (UK)

17 Nov 2014 11:26

First I want you to know that you can trust Maria and Henri. They really do care, and are there to help people. Their eyes do not lie, and I saw so much love in them. I decided to do Iboga to become a better person. I have been suffering with paranoia because of my fear of the system we live in, or perhaps it is awareness. The Paranoia came after something I saw in Copenhagen, which I now know was the seperation from God/love/spirit. I saw how man has chosen to seperate from god, and is therefore suffering. Although I was not completely aware of my problems before Iboga showed them to me. I only knew that I wanted to become the best person possible. I have always had the wish to love everyone, and I always feel weak when I have bad thoughts and bad feelings about others. I thought perhaps Iboga could help me on my quest towards self love, and love towards all beings. I also always wanted to help people, but I felt too weak. Like I wasn’t able to help them, and that the powers preventing me from helping were too strong. I also felt like I wasnt able to do the things I wished to do, because of my lack of free will, and the egos control over me. I felt that I had an responsibility to help the planet, to help the people of the world, to wake them up to some truth. You must understand that even the smallest act of love is helping the world and the people. I feel that Iboga was very kind to me, and comforting. Iboga wanted to show me what love is, and to show me what I had forgotten. Most of my iboga experience was about love and god. These are some of the experiences I had during the Iboga: Body ached, hurt. Especially my throat, head and heart area. This is a pain I have felt for years, but now it was so much stronger. I blacked out after a while, when I took the largest dose of Iboga. I do not know what happend during the blackout, but I do wonder. Because when I woke up again, my bodily pains were gone. I saw people holding hands, I looked in their eyes. I saw myself. You are me? We are one. The people of this world are one, our suffering is caused by ourselves. We look for god in the wrong places, when god is in us. These are some of the words I wrote during the Iboga: We come from love We come from God God is Love We are a part of god, and one with god. God never leaves us. We are born to this world by our mothers. She is the first person you know. You are a part of her. A baby comes from love. A baby loves her mother. Her mother is god to the baby. A babies love can conquer all hate in the world. A baby loves everyone. It might sound silly, and quite trivial. My mother did something very normal to me. In todays society it is deemed normal, but for a baby like me, it was a horrible. My mother put me in a crib. Where I lay alone at night, and sometimes at day. For a baby it was hell. Where was my mother? Where was god? Had god left me? I thought God had abandoned me to this world. I forgive my mother, for she did not know how much I love her. I have lived my life with the thought that noone could love me, and that noone loves me. For if God does not love you, who in this world will. I have always been afraid of rejection and exclusion, and I have been rejected and excluded so many times through my life. I did not think that my fear of rejection went so deep, but Iboga showed me that it went very deep. I had been suffering with the fear my whole life. I have pushed away so many people who loved me. I have been wandering alone, for I could trust noone. I saw humanities hate, I did not see the love. Iboga showed to me many of the times I had been rejected or excluded. It also made up new images of me being excluded. Images where I was excluded in a ayahuasca ceremony, and I was even excluded at the Iboga ceremony. For a long time Iboga showed me images where I was being rejected and excluded. This was to help me get rid of my fear of rejection. A fear I believe most people have in todays society, because of how the system is buildt up. Where parents put their children in cribs, kindergartens and schools. When in reality they are supposed to be cared by their parents and family at all times. I was lucky enough that my mother quit her job to take care of us, so I was not in kindergarten for long. Cure the baby in me: I had to cure the baby inside of me, that was hurt, afraid and alone. I played with the baby me when he was in the crib. I told him I loved him and that I would always look after him. We sat in the crib together and played. Baby me was happy again. The bad spirits left him alone now. This is now the true story. I was never alone, for I always had myself there to protect me. Crib: A baby comes from god and has been in constant presence of god before he/she came to earth. You can therefore never leave a baby alone. For the baby needs the love of god to feel safe, and the constant presence, to not feel abandoned. Another memory: I saw myself with the eight of us, our eight spirits looking down on us during the Iboga ceremony. We laughed. Then we looked down on all the people suffering in the world, and we lauged again. For it is all so simple, we are one. There is no seperation, there is only the illusion of seperation. Man suffers because of the illusion. God is within us all, you just have to feel god, in your heart. Spirit – Ego (Destroyer) – Soul (Creator). I saw that I consisted of these three beings. The spirit has been yelling for me my whole life. Wake up, cant you see me. Now I see you, but you are not new to me. I just didnt recognise you at first. This is one of my last «visions» during the Iboga, and one of the strongest: I saw Henri (he runs the center with Maria) in another dimension. A dimension which made my heart scream with joy, and my ego to shake with fear. I looked into Henris eyes, and I felt that we were old friends. My feeling about Henri in that place was beyond words. It was such a familiar feeling, and so strange, and it made me know that I am a great being, with a purpose in life. I saw our spirits, and I was not in human form, and I knew that we were great and powerful. There was also this beam of light coming out of my chest. I felt that the decision to come to the Iboga ceremony was made before my birth. My ego: I didnt lose my ego during the Iboga. I think because I need the ego in this physical existense. So I shrinked him, and locked him in. I told him that I am the new boss, like I had been for a long time. Now you ask me for permission, and not the other way around. The conclusion: Iboga told me to come back to Netherlands again, and do the ceremony again. There was much more for me to learn, and this is only the beginning. I feel that I have to do it at least three times, one for the ego, one for the soul, and one for the spirit. I had the best time of my life at the Iboga ceremony, and I cant wait to go back. I will go back there probably sometime in March or April 2015, perhaps I will meet you there.. :) After I was done with the Iboga ceremony, I could feel god and the spirit again. I felt the presence of the spirit, and I saw that the house was holy and protected. I felt that life was real again, and everything was so clear, and I also saw the spirit in the other people. Everything also looked so familiar, like it had already happened before. I felt love in my heart, and I felt that I could love others again, without fear. I am now just so afraid that I might lose the love inside of me again, therefore I must show it and share it. I believe Iboga opened my heart again. And the people I met there were great, and I wish that I could see them all again. I have a feeling that I was ment to meet these people, and that I will meet them again. Everything in this life has a purpose, we live to learn. Iboga didn’t solve all my problems, but I believe Iboga is really helpful if you really have a wish to become a better person. It makes things easier, and removes many of your obstacles. It might not answer all your questions, but that is Iboga. It only gives you what you need at that moment. Some people need to go through the Iboga ritual more than once, it all depends on what you want to achieve in life. One of my biggest questions to Iboga didnt seem that important during the journey. It was a question about a girl I had loved for most of my life. Why could I not forget her, and I wanted to know why I loved her so much. I didnt get a clear answer to this, it was more like a «It doesn’t matter. You should continue loving her. For your heart has infinite room, and loving her is not wrong.» It felt like Iboga didn’t want to tell me something, perhaps because I wasn’t ready yet. I stayed in a hostel in Amsterdam the night after I left Maria and Henris house. It felt like I had created a new reality for myself, for I met many wonderful people at the hostel and I loved them. I also saw myself so clearly in one of the girls at the hostel, it was such a wonderful and strange feeling. It felt like I could fly. When I was traveling back home, something happened. I was sitting at Copenhagen airport with my headphones on and I put on my favorite music. Cannon In D by Johann Pachelbel. I started crying, and it felt wonderful. I didnt care that there were people around me, and they didnt even seem to notice. It felt wonderful, because the music was so beautiful and the world had become beautiful again. Love -The man called Tord- (My email is , I like writing with likeminded people.)

29 Sep 2014 10:56

At first I was a bit doubtful as I once had a not-very good experience (with the place) when doing Ayahuasca somewhere else in Peru but that just faded away pretty soon this time as I got to Assen. With Iboga I was faced with a lot of personal issues in a very deep level, consciously and in ways I am not consciously aware of. I released (or better to say, I purged) a lot of negative emotions and saw amazing visions.. visions that would only make this to long if I try to described them, also maybe words can always objectively describe this amazing spiritual experiences but being there is beyond words. I found that this sacred plant took me where I needed to go rather than where I wanted to. In the following weeks I’ve feeling so clear, free and grounded like I haven’t done in many years, it does not mean my problems are all solved but I feel in a better place to deal with them. This is not a magic pill, but I think with a clear intention and a good determination to make changes and work with your own issues it might do wonders.. I am still integrating the experience, even in dreams, and it is always for the better. Henry and Maria were always very attentive to us, the group was small so they could take care of all of us, being there to answer questions but giving us space to do our own work, which can be a lot for everyone. I found all the guidance and information helpful at some point during the ceremony and the journey. I met people from all different walks of life and also heard and learned from their stories. Thank you so much for making this wonderful healing plant affordable and available to many of us. Love, Neomar

27 Sep 2014 04:33

Dear Maria and Henry, I have to say, thank you again to make this Ibogaceremonie happens, because i feel so much better now..this lifelong Fear is quite gone,i feel free of it..with the Help of Iboga i could transform it..its great!It doesnt bother me anymore and give me Freedom and Strength for my Potentials. Even it was such a hard and exhausting Experience for me, on the otherside it felt like a very beautiful Weekend we had together. I appreachiate to see People like you doing this in such a nice Way, in Line with this thousand of Years long Tradition, of this magic Dreamtent Healing. It s always inspiring for me to meet people who also carrying and keeping the Heritage of our Tribe Ancestors..our Rights of Connection with Mother Earth and the Universe and these magical Plantspirits like this unbelievable intelligent Ibogaentity which sharing their magical Wisdom of true Healing since ancient Times with us. Bless you! Love Stefan

Ralf Lax
09 Sep 2014 09:24

På svenska Suomeksi Dont ask why but iboga told me to do it this way.. This was my second go with iboga and after the first i knew i wanted more, not only because of the incredible gains! in getting rid of addictions but also for the calm, for the first time in my life my ADHD brain was quiet. i concider it to be the single best thing i ever did for myself. Also been using microdoses of iboga in ordinary life before going to work if stressed and hard to focus.. i tell you for me it works far better than the poison the doctor gives you… So my second time my situation was grately different, many problems had been resolved and my level of being in terms of anxiety depression and negative stuff is now on another level entirely so i was eager to see how it would “give” when there were no major issues just finetuning i thought, i have learnt in my work with the concousness to accept what is given, so this time it dug deep and the fysical burden was far greater than last time but hey, no pain no gain is still true and iboga does what need be done! Maria and Henry takes so good care of me with loving tender care that you feel safe allways!

Colin Whines
22 Jun 2014 06:25

Visit 11 June 2014 Dear Henry and Maria, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the love and care you gave all of us during our iboga experience. I was very happy to spend time with you and I would have found spending this time with you beneficial even without the iboga! as your love and concern along with both of your kind spirits was uplifting and genuine. I was very impressed with how you took care of each individuals needs being 6 people in our group all from different countries and with different issues, requirements and expectations. You and both worked very hard and it is clearly obvious that you are in this to help others! Bless both of you!! I cannot recommend this experience enough to others. I look forward to visiting you again, hopefully early next year, I will be bringing my twin brother who is now very interested in this experience. I am so happy to have meet you and I will always have very loving memories of my time in your care! Thank you both again! With love and friendship Colin Whines (London).

04 Jun 2014 04:17

Hi Maria and Henry! It´s time to reflect on my iboga journey. What a wonderful plant!! When I decided to try I was so full of bitterness and anger about my past and everyday was a stressful struggle. I couldn´t sleep well and had a lot of pain in my neck and head. On the last day with you ALL of the pain was gone! Every muscle was so relaxed. And all my worries were gone as well! Now it has been a few months and I sleep every night, don´t feel that stressed about anything anymore – and if something do upset me I can much more easily calm down again. I´m so happy I did it and I am looking forward to come back in July to continue this amazing therapy with you:-)

22 May 2014 04:27

Hello Maria and Henry, first let me thank you for the work you do, you both are absolutely amazing souls. It’s been 2 weeks since my Iboga trip and I can’t tell how much has changed. The most profound change is the silence in my head. All my life I have worried about everything and I mean EVERYTHING, after Iboga I can’t worry even if I want to!!! I find it simply blissful existence. Now about smoking: the first two weeks I didn’t touch a cigarette but ended up buying a pack this last weakend, normally I would beat myself up for it, however, at my own surprise I was nice to myself and instead of getting angry said ok it’s a new week and new try:) I did make a mistake of going in the experience completely scared and I stayed scared for most of the time and that took a lot away so I am definitely planning to come back and embrace Iboga the way it should be embraced and experienced. So after about a 1/2 year or year I hope to see you both again.

12 Feb 2014 10:15

Hi Maria, I am doing fine. I am taking dance, yoga and tae kwan do lessons which I really enjoy. And am slowly getting in touch with more and more emotions. It is not always easy, but after iboga I have also started having some positive things, along with the sadness and loss. I realized I was brave and very hopeful. That I would have not gotten this far without these characteristics. I have noticed how these movement lessons, especially yoga can really bring you in touch with your feelings. From my second ibogaine experience, I learned several things. First, that I do not know what to do with fear. That I either freeze or try to ignore it. Has to do with being impatient, I guess. I learned I should just be scared for a while, not force myself to do things before I am ready. I also felt for the first time in my life self-compassion. People used to tell me do not be hard on yourself, but I did not know what that meant. Instead of seeing myself as not enough, iboga showed me how hard it was for me, being alone, not connected and without that nice feeling of presence. It made me cry for me. And this was new to me. Even when I did this before (which, btw. never happened before the first iboga), there was a lot of self-blame which I did not even notice was there, it was so natural to me to think that way, since I was a teenager I think. So, this time, on iboga, I felt genuinely sorry for myself, like crying over a child you love very much but cannot protect. And that was a good a healing feeling. After that I saw also that I fought so very hard for myself all my life, that I tried many different things and kept on fighting despite the burdens of anxiety, self-doubt, seeming hopelessness. On the next day I noticed some bad thought patterns and saw how inaccurate they were. I have this tendency to think, I should have done something better or different but I could see that was a lie, you do what you can, you react, you cannot be perfect. I wanted to say that of all the things I tried to help myself, I am certain iboga helped me the most. After iboga, other things help too. But iboga really put me in touch with my feelings. It is still melting away my frozen inside. I think I have been depressed (but functional) since 14. This is giving me my feelings back faster than anything else could. So I wanted to thank you and Henry very much. It is a very good and important thing the two of you are doing. It is really special and important. Both of you are really making a difference. Hope to see you again, Branka.

Andrè Johansen
31 Jan 2014 20:47

Hello Maria and Henry :) The Iboga has changed my life to the better. I have stopped drinking and stopped smoking cannabis and sigaretts. Over one month now,never gone this long without anything before. Dont want to cloud my mind anymore and i feel comfortable in my body. I`m much more relaxed,can sit still for long time. My anger and depression and anxiety is almost gone. Finally have a positive look at my future. Thank you both for the ceremony! PS. Have started a small guitar workshop with a friend of mine,bring Henry`s guitar when you come to norway and i will happily adjust and fix it for free ;) Take care! Andrè :)

31 Jan 2014 10:51

Hello Maria, I just wanted to let you know that today on my 40 birthday everything is fine, I’ve been clean since I made the iboga ceremony. I finally sleep like a normal person too and that approved my life a lot! It’s quite amazing what iboga does, I am drinking a lot less, smoking a lot less too (after 2 days smoking one cigarette per day, I realised I almost dont smoke anymore – without wanting it! ) Drugs: I have no desire whatsoever for them anymore, I did changed a lot my life as well, moving with my girlfriend, doing some exercise every day… all combined it feels good! I know it’s a long way but at the moment it feels really good to be “normal” so to say ! I thought you would be interested in some positive feedback, even if I am sure you have plenty! greets to Henry and take care Sylvio

11 Dec 2013 17:58

After 20 years of taking all kind of drugs, there was one that got me bad: opioids. For the last 6 years the only solution for a normal live was taking a lab drug call Suboxone. I was not taking heroin and companies but I was not me. First I was not free and that cloud that drugs give us was there. I don’t like to be a robot! I tried the normal way to quit with my doctor. But after several tries during 2 years. I made a choise of going alone. My decision after several considerations? IBOGA. One of the good decisions a made in live. Since my ritual with Iboga I never had more wishes for heroin and needed to take more suboxone. Its not all sunshine and butterflies but help me like a mother helps a sun to walk. Beside my goal (accomplished :) I found a group of persons that besides their profissionalism are going to be always in my heart for the love that they have inside but also for the love of their mission. The extra was the a opportunitty to have more friends around the world because the group was great. Thank you all for everything. Thank you Iboga ;)

09 Dec 2013 12:50

Dearest Maria, I trust that you are well and still in awe of the great mystery? Just wanted to update you on my progress since partaking of the Iboga with you and the wonderful Henry. My life makes so much more sense now, staying drug and smoke free, I have turned fully vegan waking at 5 each morning to worship God and give thanks for all the blessings in my life. I have cleaned myself up on so many levels, starting with my flat which is slowly turning into a temple, I am currently looking for a job and have some good leads but more importantly I have a solid spiritual practice which I am doing every day now and It was all inspired by reading your Bhagavad Gita on the Sunday morning after the ceremony. So I just want to say thank you once again to you and Henry both, and also to the Bwiti and to the Iboga plant. Yours with Love Matthew (MAX) Maxwell

02 Nov 2013 12:39

Did the Iboga-experience 2 weeks ago for depression and to find out what (work) to do in life. Unfortunately no results, insights or answers. The guidance of Maria & Henri was good though.

22 Oct 2013 10:04

My Iboga experience By Agus, Groningen, October 2013 I went to the Iboga ceremony because I didn’t know what to do to earn money for a living. What I also wanted was to have a stronger intuition, so I could make better decisions. A colleague of mine had done an Iboga ceremony and he had found the experience to be very positive and useful. He advised me to go to the Iboga Centrum in Drenthe, the same place he also had his experience. So I made an appointment with Maria. On Wednesday October 2nd I got a sore throat. I managed to mitigate it and just for sure I took the whole Thursday to rest. On October 5th there would be an important new moon. In opposition to the Sun and the New Moon in Libra there would be Uranus and right-angled to this opposition there would be a Pluto – Jupiter opposition. All this would form a Grand Cross formation. The New Moon would be in my sixth house. The house of practical, everyday functioning, food and health. Either way, this promised to be a very important, transforming experience. On October 4th at the Iboga Centrum we were cordially welcomed by Maria. Some participants were already there. The atmosphere was calm and laid-back. And it stayed that way the whole ceremony. Each one of us drew a Zen Tarot card. I drew a 4 of Cups titled “Turn Inward” with a picture of a woman in a typical Buddha meditation posture. Maria said that the card was never drawn before. “The card you just draw will accompany you in your journey”, Maria said to us. After some other initiating rituals we started with taking Iboga. I chewed the coarse Iboga powder thoroughly before swallowing it. Only the first three portions were taken this way, the rest are in capsules. The taste was bitter but bearable. I sometimes coughed because of the remains of the sore throat. But I felt that Iboga was combatting the remains of my sore throat. Seemingly, that first night appears to be uneventful. I did not have to puke. Later in the night, through my closed eyes, I saw a beam of light moving from right below to further right. Even after opening my eyes, I still saw the beam. I also saw some notable paint colors on Maria’s face when she spoke to me. But I thought my eyes were just tired and didn’t accredit the occurrence to Iboga. Everything actually went well during the whole ceremony. I was never at the ‘wrong’ place or ‘wrong’ time. Apart from the small things mentioned, there were little peculiarities. I was worried that maybe I was not preparing myself well enough. Maybe some of my supplements wasn’t compatible with Iboga causing such a ‘weak’ effect… When I needed to get up to go upstairs to the bedroom to sleep, I felt a bit shaky and unstable. But I managed to go upstairs without any help. The night was uneventful. The next day in the morning we entered phase two. We took another 2 portions of Iboga in capsules. Then at noon I saw pictures projected in my eyes. In fast pace, various photographs, drawn pictures, short movies and cartoons were shown. The cartoons were often very creative. It seemed like my creativity was amplified. There were some pauses before another stream of visuals were shown. Some pictures and movies stayed visible even with my eyes open. I thought that was very special. Then the most important information about what I should do came through. The information came on a Power Point like presentation together with a stream of thoughts in my head. The message was clear: I have to dedicate myself to meditation. Forget all other activities as much as possible and concentrate on meditation only. This was shown to me with some intervals at least three times. Every time the wording is different. There was also some urgency in the advice. I had to start a.s.a.p. There was some drama in expressing how important it was in the sense that it was not only for myself, but for the whole world. In this reporting I have already subdued the drama. I can assure you that the original emotional charge was quite strong. Because of this, the importance of the message was also emotionally registered in my heart. At one hand I was relieved that finally it had become clear what I had to do. At the other hand I was a bit sad because I knew I had to give up many old things and habits to be able to comply to my new goal. But, as a good student of a Course in Miracles, I remember the saying that giving up illusions actually is not giving up at all. My mood was not one of elation, but one of serious determination. The same determination of a special unit which is being sent to a suicide mission to rescue his country. Now I understand the sentence I once heard during an Ayahuasca ceremony: “You are chosen for this mission because of your ability to focus.” But I did not understand what the mission was and how much importance I should give to the thought. Iboga did give me some hints that my material needs will be taken care of. I also saw many handwritten mathematical equations/formula’s which are quickly projected on the wall. They came very fast and the newer one was always being projected on top of the old one so it’s impossible to properly read them. Even when I close my eyes I still saw them. The handwriting resembles a lot like mine. First I doubted whether it was something mathematical or some unknown ancient language. But now I remember that at the end I saw the formulas being projected still so I could see they are indeed mathematical formulas. The formulas were being projected periodically, even when I was chatting with some others downstairs. At noon I really felt hungry. I also felt hungry in the morning, but In the morning we got two more Iboga portions. Thank goodness we got some soup and some bread at noon. The hunger made the food taste extra delicious. But I didn’t eat much. Just enough to still the hunger. Iboga suppressed the hunger somewhat. The second night was a long and quiet night (for me it was). The next morning I felt almost normal again. I could walk steady and so I took a shower. The remains of the sore throat was completely gone. The most important thing we did on that morning was the evaluation round. One by one we got the chance to report our experiences and our findings. Everyone found that it was heavy at times (especially the first night). We did feel the useful transforming power of Iboga. Something happened that was remarkable and/or helpful. Then it was my turn to tell my experience. I told that everything fell into it’s place. I finally knew what to do. The Tarot card I drew, the recurring Power Point presentations I got projected in my eyes and the stream of thoughts were all pointing in the one same direction: Meditate and nothing else. Then I told why meditation was important to me. This story comes from my short life story Maria asked us to write before the ceremony: The third time I experienced Divine Love was during a meditation. I managed to quiet my mind enough to feel that there was some outside help to make my mind even quieter. I surrendered to this help. After a feeling that if it got quieter, I would probably die, I felt myself sink through some cloud and was entering a free fall for a very short period (1 or 2 seconds). Physically I was still lying flat on my bed. After the free fall I felt Divine Love growing in my heart. My heart quickly became filled with this Love and the Love expands further, also expanding the boundaries of my heart. Then the Love filled my whole body. After that Love still expands further taking the boundaries of my bodily awareness along with it. So I felt that I was Love and that my boundaries are quickly growing larger and larger. The Divine Love didn’t stop and kept growing and my awareness also kept growing. It went on and on until I felt that I was as big as the universe itself. The feeling was beyond joyful, it was utterly ecstatic. The ecstasy was even more intense than my first two experiences. It was really at the limit of what I could bare. So much happiness that it nearly hurts (but it did not) is quite difficult to express. I could only try to describe with trying to imagine the most happy moments what you can experience in your life all combined in one moment and multiply the intensity by one billion times. Then multiply it again with one billion times and do so for one billion times more. “This is life! This is the real life!” I thought. And it really felt that way. I didn’t remember how long I was in that state of ecstasy. My estimate was 90 to 120 seconds (but it could be a lot longer). Just when I thought: “I want to be here forever”, the process of growing stops and I slowly shrunk back. Once back I was disoriented for a short while but quickly got my both feet on the ground. As a Taurean with Taurus ascendant I am a very sober and grounded person. What surprised me was that after such an experience, nothing really changed in my life. I regretted that a bit. This was in the year of 1993. At the evaluation round I also told that at the climax of the moment, I did not want anything. I only wanted to give. I could sense that everyone was touched by the story. But it was not surprising. What I was telling them was not some empty words, but charged with Divine Love. When I was contemplating about it at home, I realize why the thought “I want to be here forever” was a mistake. It was because the thought was born out of fear. I was thinking there existed a place “somewhere else”. But I was already everywhere and didn’t have to be afraid to be somewhere else. There was a question about how I breathe during the meditation. I remembered that I nearly didn’t breathe. I told the others that while meditating it’s important to release all desires and to be detached. Then one has to be alert to the thoughts occurring to be able to release them. The main goal is to get your mind as quiet as possible. I forgot to tell that it is very helpful to relax the body, one body part at a time. A good sequence is to start from the feet and ending with the face. The evaluation round was very successful and it was very interesting to hear what others are experiencing. Then we made a short stroll. Upon returning we draw another card. This time it’s another set of cards. My card said: “I am safe. The universe is taking good care of me.” I saw this as an affirmation that my material needs will be taken care of. How magical it was. It was as everything is working as it should: Astrology, Tarot cards, Iboga and this last card too. Earlier I had the feeling that nothing worked as it supposed to. The transforming power of Iboga felt very magical. After a lunch of soup, bread and some spread we chatted somewhat. At 14:00 we left. Henri transported me and some others to the train station in Assen where I went back to Groningen. With many thanks to Maria and Henri who made this ceremony possible. Also with many thanks to the other participants: you are all kind and decent people and I am very happy with your company. I felt strongly that I could not wish for a better one. All in all it was a perfect ceremony. At home I immediately followed the advice from Iboga. Now I meditate 3 times 1 hour (could be expanded in the future). Agus

11 Oct 2013 12:22

Dear Maria, now its a month after the experience and the process is still so positive!!! Everyday I transform epressive thoughts into mental strenght!!! I have the power to choose my thoughts. And when a thought wants to drag me down, I feel something going downward in my forehead- and then I concentrate on the energy in the forehead going UPWARDS and to replace the thought with a positive thought. So- step by step 20 years of negative thinking are cleaned up:-) I hope you have a nice time! Big hug for you and Henri

17 Sep 2013 14:44

The Iboga experience with Maria and Henry is absolutely the coolest and most amazing thing you can do for yourself. Maria and Henry offer a very professional and safe way to experience Iboga within a very comfortable and cool environment. Maria and Henry say that Iboga gives you what you need and they are right. This is my second time doing it and each time it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. The first time got me off drugs and then 4 years later at Marias, iboga has given me the direction and inner peace that I needed. Before going to Marias my head was feeling cloudy, I was feeling depressed, I could not concentrate longer than a minute on 1 thing and my mind was full of constant chatter. For the first time since I was probably a child I am totally relaxed with a sense of complete inner peace. I am just happy being me. On a physical level I feel my serotonin and dopamine levels are reset and my pineal gland feels totally cleaned out. Before I did iboga I was having an incredible bad tooth infection that was going to be an expensive dentist appointment. The tooth is COMPLETELY healed now. For about a year I was having sinus and ear infection problems that were causing me to not be able to concentrate, also COMPLETELY healed now! Amazing! The visions I saw on iboga were many. If Iboga gives you what you need I guess I needed love because for the first 12 hours or so my heart was totally full of a very warm energy that I can only explain as total and complete love. As my heart was feeling like this I could not do anything but smile so hard that my cheeks were sore for a few days after Iboga. The visions were insane! I must have seen millions if not a billion visuals. For the most part there were too many and they were moving too fast for me to concentrate on 1 of them. But when I would find some sort of peaceful thought a vision would stay with me and dance in front of my eyes for a while. I saw everything from the most beautiful eyes that would stare back at me.. (I truly believe these eyes are looking at me from heaven as they look at me with total love. It has been 2 weeks and I still see them once in a while when I close my eyes) I saw aliens, I saw babies, I saw all sorts of people, I saw animals, I saw stars, I saw so many different shapes and and images it is overwhelming and impossible to explain them. The visions come at me in all shapes and sizes in primarily electric blue and green colors and they move quickly from up to down changing form shape and dimensions. In moments when my mind would stop racing and I was at total peace the visions would disappear and I would begin flying straight into space amongst billions of glimmering stars. All of this while my heart was feeling pure and total LOVE! I can’t say enough how cool this was! The last dose sent me where Iboga needs to take you and that is to the dark recesses of my mind. It is not a scary feeling, as Iboga gives you the sense to look at whats causing the problems of your life without feeling guilty about them, from a safe distance. In fact iboga taught me to just laugh at my problems and it turn, they aren’t really problems anymore… In the 2 weeks since I did Iboga at Marias my life has fallen into place incredibly and I cant wait to see where I will be in the next 2 weeks! Thank you Maria and Henry and amazing IBOGA! Manolo

18 Jun 2013 18:30

Dear Maria I liked the effect Iboga makes on me, I feel my mind is less present, almost totally gone..:-) in the sense of judging my heart expression. So I feel I enjoy “negative” emotions as well, I guess it is the cleaning reaction, some left stored emotions have now much more space in me without my mind’s grisp on them, so they can be expressed and leave. I also feel enjoying life much more in just living.. So in my experience now, emotions are released with Iboga, but only basically and mostly after the session. I also feel in some “expanded” filed that makes it more fun to work for me :-)) because I operate more from the intuition and feel health issues of people before they say it :-))) because its more oneness. All in all I am VERY happy I have done Iboga and I will be back for the second session in a few months. Tamara

15 Jun 2013 14:39

Dear Maria, i can not believe i am feeling so good now. It is an absolute miracle! Thanks for your beautiful heart, it saved my life. It is true what you told me before, that ibogaine is the best gift you can give to yourself and to others. I am sure if it is needed i would love to try again. It was so good to meet you and Henry (please greeting to him :) Roberto Big and long hug

15 Jun 2013 13:33

Ich hoffe Euch geht es gut. Bin wieder im Leben angekommen und kann diese Woche an meiner neuen Arbeitsstelle anfangen. Nächste Woche werde ich für ein paar Tage in die Berge gehen an ein Festival. Habe dort ein Hotel gebucht und werde noch mein Mountainbike mitnehmen. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die drei schönen Tage bei Euch. War sehr schön und es war eine sehr gute Erfahrung. Liebe Grüsse Andi

06 May 2013 16:57

Liebste Maria und Henry, DANKE!!! Ich fuehle mich wie neu geboren alles macht Sinn! Ein neus Leben kann beginnen! Ich bin so froh das ich bei euch sein durfte und somit das alles Erleben durfte. Ein Vorhang hat sich geoffnet und nur Klarheit steht vor mir! Ein Leben lang werde ich euch nicht vergessen! Ich umarme euch !

06 May 2013 15:49

Hello! Yesterday I arrived from my weekend Iboga experience. Today, I woke up and immediately started organizing my day to day life, including physically organizing my flat. The day seems brighter, the world looks new and even the music sounds different. I actually feel like a new person, and even better, I feel free to live my life. I’d like to share a bit about my Iboga experience this weekend: Before the actual ceremony began, I was already starting to feel an intuition that something big was about to happen. Things started ‘clicking’ and taking me towards the same point; like two rivers joining into one bigger. When I first took Iboga, it took for me some time to feel anything. As soon as I started feeling something, I started to feel anxiety because it was not what I was expecting. My mind started to race a million a minute with all types of thoughts, including negative thought cycles that I had brought with me since a long time. Now, I believe that these negative emotions of anxiety and fear were really emotions that were deeply rooted in my subconscious and Iboga was letting them out. Due to my anxiety, I started putting resistance and wanting to just be able to fall asleep and ‘get over with it’. At the same time, I was starting to get some answers to many of the questions I had about my current life. These answers didn’t come as a feeling or a vision; they came as a realization. In other words, I asked a question to myself and then I would just ‘Know’ the answer. I got many visions in my mind’s eye, including images from my childhood and other spaces. After about 15 hours, I was started to get really anxious because I thought the medicine wasn’t really working for me. “I should be tripping”, I thought to myself. Then, I decided that I had only one option: accept everything which I was feeling and let things happen on their own accord. I started doing a deep breathing exercise, at the same time ‘accepting’ the present moment. After about 5 breaths, I understood exactly what I had to do: I had to ‘partner up’ with Iboga and start directing the process. This means that I would make a ‘request’ to Iboga, and Iboga would follow. The manner in which I saw this consisted in a sort of Computer desktop, where I could access and observe my thought processes and cycles, as if they were chains of images passing right in front of me. When I wanted to explore a thought more in detail, I would ‘zoom’ into it and decide what to do. I could adjust, adapt or completely remove the thought only by asking Iboga to do it. At the same time, I was constantly getting realizations. One example of this is the following: after chasing a certain thought cycle for a while, I suddenly realized that I had a problem of perceiving things with a negative filter. I decided to flip the filter and start seeing things in a positive way. As soon as I made this decision, I saw an image of a dark object turning 180 degrees and becoming light. This was followed by an immense feeling of positiveness which consolidated in a complete change of outlook for my life. During this ‘operative’ phase of my process, I started adjusting and eliminating many many thoughts and making up new ones in order to achieve my goals. Then, I went into the next stage: healing some things from my past. In this moment, I could access any moment of my life and see an image of the moment so detailed, that I could see faces of people that were there. I went to my childhood, teenage years and even to recent moments of my life. The memories were completely clear. This phase also led to realizations and emotional release and healing. After this, I started making compromises with myself. Compromises which are now becoming guiding points in my life. Its like if I got new compass with which to guide my journey. After about 24 straight hours of having inmense realizations about my self, my soul, my mind and my body, Iboga decided that I was ready for sleep. I had really vivid dreams that night and I when i woke up, I felt that I was waking up from a long, long sleep. A sleep that had lasted almost all my life. I’m sorry bout the length of my post but I felt it was worth expressing all the details from this awe-inspiring experience. Maria and Henry are great people. They really take care of you in a very personal and affectionate way. You feel completely safe, as well as that they’re really wanting you to get better. They open the doors of their house to you and trust me, when you say your goodbyes and leave, you’re a new person. Iboga introduces you to yourself; if you have any second thoughts about doing it: don’t. You’ll thank a higher power after you’ve done it.

17 Mar 2013 21:43

Hi Maria and Henry, Thank you for my stay a few weeks ago. I was so well taken care of in every aspect! The anxiety I had before is gone and my motivation to life has increased significantly. I also dare to do more of what comes to my mind now. I want to share some of my iboga experience with everybody: In difference to earlier experiences with ayahuasca, the iboga experience came on smoothly compared to ayahuasca. Another difference was that with iboga, I was much more in control. First, it was like a computer desktop background where I could se my thoughts appearing like pop-ups. I could choose whether or not to keep them or let them disappear. I let all negative or useless thoughts disappear and kept the positive and useful ones. I could simply let the negative thoughts disappear in a small grey colored dust cloud, *poff*. I noticed that it was my big tv at home, which I use as a computer screen, that the desktop was appearing on. My tv was like imprinted in my mind because I stare at it so often. I decided that I don’t need the tv anymore and can just simply have a clear surface in front of me, without the frame of the tv. A little bit later, I noticed that it didn’t have to be a flat surface where my thoughts were appearing, it could be a 3D empty white space with no boundaries. The bad or negative thoughts were thorny and black in color. I could trace some thoughts back from where they were coming from. I could see that the origin of a bad thought was from somewhere “behind”. I followed it there and found a big collection of negative black thorny thoughts. I could simply let the whole collection of negative thoughts disappear, *poff*. “Don’t take life too seriously”, was a message that appeared several times. I know that I’ve usually taken life too seriously. I saw a funny picture of a bizarre thing me and a friend used to joke and laugh about. I was laughing. Apart from what I learned about my thoughts, I saw how my brain operates like a computer, with a CPU, buses and memory. I saw how the signals run along my nervous system to control different organs and muscles. But there is something missing from computers and technology made by us modern humans. In nature, in life, there is an intelligence. Nature has the ability to heal itself and can adapt to new living conditions and environments. Nature is somehow full-ended compared to technology. Even the fastest and best computer today is still just a machine which requires an input from humans or other living organisms. In nature there is harmony and nothing pollutes the environment like technology does. I saw the earth from above where everything was green and growing. There were cities with skyscrapers popping up like a disease on the beautifully green continents. I’m so glad that I’ve found the way to plants like iboga and ayahuasca. These are amazing tools that nature provides us with. For anything that ails us, the cure can be found in nature. Nothing else has so profoundly made a positive effect on my life like iboga, and in only one session! Hugs from far up north, Andreas

12 Mar 2013 14:59

Hope you are both well :) The sun is actually shining today, was an amacing fine day for a walk. Im enjoying my new life without anxiety and dependencies, am now able to stop and controll the brain if it starts to worry. I learnt so much.. it was such an amacing experience from start to finnish! And your service was five star all the way :) People who read this testimonial and think about doing this as i did that there is NO reason not to do this! Invest in your self you will be repayed thousand times :) most definettly comming back next year, and people i have told is probably comming too ;) Big hug! And see you, Ralf

08 Mar 2013 13:39

Hi, Maria, this is Branka, I was in one of your iboga sessions in January. I wanted to write you and thank you for everything. I felt very good after the session. I would have written earlier, but decided to wait till things get settled down. I was kind of scared that I would loose the peace and awareness that came after iboga. Now I am not afraid any more. Things are settled and problems are popping up and rat race is back, but still I have kept something from the session. I want to thank you very much because this was a very important experience for me. For about 5-6 years I was anxious a lot of the time and now it has stopped. I did not know why I had such hard time making decisions, why I was so scared all the time. Iboga made me see what it was, that I was feeling guilty for abandoning my family and also deeply, deeply sad about how things went for all of us with the war and afterwards. That I have been trying for many years in one way of another to somehow undo things, fix them because it was unbearable for me to see what was happening to the family that I loved so much. We were very lucky, we survived, but after the war, nothing was the same for many reasons. A lot of loss, a lot of sadness, bitterness, hopelessness, poverty and so on. And at the same time, I wanted to explore the world and do things, but could never commit to anything because I felt that I needed to somehow fix things and get back the family that was there when I was little. Now that I know that, I am no longer anxious and I can actually feel this sadness. This gives me a lot of peace. I did not really figure out anything, after running around so much, but that is as it is, makes me sad sometimes, but it is ok. Thank you very much, one more time, I know I was difficult and paranoid, so thank you for your patience, it really meant the world to me. All the best, Branka.


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