Diet and Preparation

It is very helpful to have good intentions when attending a ceremony. We ask you to shape your intention into a small sacrifice that you offer to the plant spirit of Iboga. This can be anything: a poem, a beautiful stone, marble or a shell, a CD or something which has special meaning to you. This represents you as an aspect of your healing journey. At each ceremony we create an altar where the sacrifices we have already received, are all placed together.

Prior to arriving we ask you to send a short written review of your life, your back ground, experiences and what you wish for as an intention. This is an important part of the preparation as it allows you to review your life and prepares you for the process you will experience.

Bring comfortable, loose clothing, an extra T-shirt, underwear and slippers or thick socks. Don’t forget to bring your toiletries with you.

Throughout your stay we have a great collection of beautiful music ranging from chill-out, space, world music to Bwiti.

Adjust your diet a few days in advance. Avoid eating fried and/ or deep fried or salty food. Eat fresh brown bread, fruits, vegetables, fish or chicken.

Drink only mineral water, tea, coffee without caffeine or juice on the day of the ceremony. Don’t drink red wine or grapefruit juice the day before and on the day itself.

Using the appropriate diet the body is then able to assimilate the Iboga properly. Some participants vomit during the Journey, although in our experience this is rare. Some will and others will not. If you do vomit please remember that this process cleanses your body and the active ingredients of Iboga will keep on working normally. Keep cool with it, accept it.

Fill your mind with fun and interesting information, a few days before the “experience”. This will affect you positively, which will make everything even more fascinating. Iboga opens the door to freedom, it gives you a chance – do not let this chance go to waste! If you respect the plant the plant will respect you ….. and its gift of healing will be to give you back freedom in your life.

Once the vivid images and thoughts start, enjoy it.  When negative thoughts come, remember that if you open your eyes, they are gone. Surrender to your feelings! We are there to make everything as beautiful as possible and help you to have an unforgettable inner journey.

What more can you do:

Start taking vitamin B complex 5-7 days before the experience. It is also good to increase your vitamin C intake. For a vitamin booster we recommend “Camu Camu” capsules. This is one of the most vitamin rich fruits in the world and comes from Amazon basin. It contains 30-60 times more vitamin C than orange.