Who are We?

As a group we have worked for over 10 years with amazing results with high quality Iboga and other plant medicines all over the world. For those of you who have previously attended events with Maria and Henry, they have entrusted us to carry on their legacy while they take a long, well deserved and over due sabbatical after years of tireless service. At each event we have a highly skilled and experienced team that will assist and care for you with many hundreds of ceremonies experience between them.

We have had people from all around the world come to our workshops and retreats – English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Belgium, Austrian, Swedish, French, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Finnish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, Spanish, Canadian, Maltese, Chinese, Australian and American.

We provide 3-day ceremonies for people who want to have more understanding about themselves and self-reflection. These ceremonies can also help participants to get rid of all kinds of addictive substances and habits (such alcohol, smoking, marijuana, eating disorders, weight problems, food and other addictions) as it allows a participant to see the underlying cause for the addiction and heal. All ceremonies take place in a calm and sacred environment. The normal size of groups is between 4 and 10 participants.

It is said that this powerful healing plant from Africa can be used for many purposes – spiritual awareness, personal growth and for many types of addictions and diseases. Ibogaine works on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral level to obtain new balance. It detoxifies and purifies the body, mind and soul. It brings spiritual growth, balance and personal development.

Discover the answers to the most fundamental questions of life. Understand the patterns of your thoughts. Enrich your inner life and reflect that inner peace into your day to day life. This process has an amazing and positive influence on your well-being.

All the very best,

Rob, Gaby, Remi, Anna, Tom, Charlotte, Peter, Carolyn and Jason