The Iboga Ceremony

The experience takes place over 3 days. Once all participants have arrived we assemble together and each member of the group introduces themselves. We will give an introduction that covers the history of Iboga and gives guidelines about the ceremony so that you will be fully prepared and can get the most out of your experience. It is here that people reflect on their intentions.

We open the ceremony together with a sacred prayer. Over the course of the experience the medicine comes in waves and during the process each participant makes a trip to their past. The visions have a symbolic meaning. This meditative experience is the basis of the transformation. The silence is very important. Iboga is a meditation with a deep profound effect. The transformation is the natural process of the mind.

At all times you will be in the safe care of a highly experienced team.

The process contains three stages.

  1. The first phase is a 6-10 hours of dream state. Visual presentations or thoughts are observed with events from the past.
  2. The second phase is a period of 10-12 hours in which these events/experiences are evaluated and re-arranged again.
  3. The third stage is a period of sleep.

The perception of Iboga is an individual process for everybody. Each participant is in a high state of vigilance without producing side effects. Sometimes you have visions or you have not. It is important to have no expectations, only intention, as the experience is always different for each participant. Do not worry – Iboga does not condemn and it has no opinion. Iboga is there for you to give you insights and information – it will give you exactly what you need, providing solutions to your worries, problems and concerns in a kind and loving way.

During the process some participants have to vomit, others do not (in our experience very few). If you do vomit, it is a natural part of the process and nothing to worry about.

At the end of the ceremony we close with a sacred prayer and then break our fast with a lovely meal of  of soups, fruits and drinks. All food served is vegetarian / vegan.