About the Iboga Ceremony

We start with an introduction to know each other and we show you your room where you stay during the days. We make a nice walk in the neighbourhood and when we come back we do some small rituals before we really start with the Journey.

You come in a meditative state and you dream about between 8 – 16 hours.  You’re in a high state of vigilance without producing side effects. Sometimes you have visions or you have not. Have no expectations, it’s always different for each participant.

Some have to vomit, another one does not. It is all good. During your HealingJourney we take care of you well and we  help you where we can. For Iboga you do not have to worry, it does not condemn and it has no opinion. Iboga is there for you to give you insights. You receive what you need.

For every problem Iboga let you see the solution.

After the Ibogaceremony you will be spoiled with lovely meals, soups, fruits and drinks. When you are vegetarian, please let us know in advance.