What is Iboga?

Iboga root bark

Iboga root bark

Iboga is the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant, which grows in the rain forests of Equatorial Africa. The name of the plant “Taber Ibo” literally means “breaking open the head.” Iboga leads you into your subconscious mind. The insights can be used to let old patterns and/or habits go. The ego is inferior. You can take a look at those moments in your life where you have made certain choices that now do not serve you anymore, choices that you want to change.

Iboga is a “plant spirit”, that can help you to break free from many types of addiction, because of the insights you gain from this Spiritual Journey. It is mostly used for spiritual development and personal growth.

Iboga is a sacred plant, that contains a dozen indole alkaloids. One of these alkaloids, C20H26N2O, causes withdrawal symptoms to stay away.

Ibogaine is an “oneirophrenic” and not a “hallucinogenic”. It is a journey into your past and the visions have a deep symbolic meaning. It is this direct experience that is the basis of your transformation. The silence that you will enter to reconnect with yourself is part of a natural process of the mind. It is a mind-reset.

Iboga comes in waves, each dreamwave gives you new layers of information. Remember that you know the answer to all your questions yourself. It comes from your sub-consciousness. The psychoactive properties result in a dreamlike state that lasts for several hours.

The feeling of “cold turkey” stays away. The body is completely detoxified. The desire for drug use is gone for a period of several weeks, usually several months. After an Iboga ceremony many users are able to see the problems that underlie the addiction. It is important that you clearly define and identify your intentions and goal(s) in advance. What do you want to change?

We will guide you and you will have the chance to gain insights about yourself. You are the one who makes your dreams come true.


An Iboga ceremony consists of three phases. The first phase is a dream state in which events of the past, thoughts or ideas can be perceived as visual presentations. Every human being is essentially good. The second phase is a period where those experiences will be evaluated. The third phase is a remaining period of stimulation, eventually resulting in sleep. Iboga is an individual experience for everybody.

After the treatment you may find it difficult to fall asleep easily for a few days. This is because your mind is still processing everything that you have gone through. This is OK! You will automatically go back to your normal biorhythm. You will also find that you can’t eat as usual, in fact you will eat less for a few days. One interesting story is told that warriors in Africa could stay away from home longer to hunt after taking Iboga.

According to a recent study* (2017) performed by E. Noller phD at MAPS (Multidisiplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) the long term efficacy of Ibogaine assisted therapy on opioid dependant subjects showed promising results. 12 months after the treatment, 75% of the tested subjects turned out be be negative. The results expressed in this study do not reflect the same results obtained in our organisation, and are solely for informational purposes.
Although we firmly believe in the benefits of this experience, and are fully committed to helping you heal your inner landscape in order to free yourself from any past patterns. Our main focus lies on offering a psycho-spiritual experience. Therefore we strongly advise you to always seek professional help in any case of addiction.